How to Manually Raise a Trim & Tilt Motor

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Raising an outboard motor's tilt and trim system manually is a straightforward affair, involving one of the valves on the tilt and trim system's manifold and a moderate amount of physical effort on the part of the person who wishes to raise the motor manually. You need a special screwdriver to release the system so that the act is possible and, when you have lifted to the motor to the position in which you wish it to stay, to secure the system.

Items you will need

  • Torque driver

Locate the manual release valve on the port, center of the tilt/trim system's manifold.

Turn the manual release valve counterclockwise a minimum of three turns with a torque driver.

Move the motor to the desired angle and tighten the manual release valve to 45 inch-pounds.


  • Set the motor's tilt-lock tab when the motor is in the "up" position.