How to Make a Weasel Box

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Weasel boxes are used to trap weasels. Weasels are small fury carnivores that are incredibly strong and vicious for their size and weight. This makes them quite a nuisance when a farmer is trying to raise chickens or other small animals. Weasel boxes are small wooden boxes that have holes at both ends for the weasel to crawl through with traps inside. Bloody fresh meat is often used to attract the critter while a weasel trap at each end of the box is set to catch weasels. These types of traps can be used with rat and mice traps to catch rodents as well.

Draw a line from corner to corner on each of the 6-inch boards and drill a 2-inch hole where the lines intersect. These are the access holes for the weasel.

Set two 3/4-by-6-by-20-inch boards on edge, parallel and 6 inches apart. Set the 6-inch boards between them at right angles on edge and 18 inches apart. Drill through the 20-inch boards and into the 6-inch boards so two screws enter each end of the 6-inch boards.

Lay a 3/4-by-7 1/2-by-20-inch board flat on top of the four boards so the corners are flush. Screw this board to the edges of the two 20-inch boards using four screws. Two screws should enter each board.

Set your weasel box in the area where you need to trap the weasels. The opening of the box should facing up. Set a trap next to each hole and set your bait in the middle of the trap floor. Set the last board on top of the trap and set your rock or weight on top of the board to keep it secure.


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