How to Make a Snuff Can Turkey Call

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A good turkey call can be worth its weight in gold, and more importantly, substantially more than its weight in turkey. A varied array of calls will ensure that your turkeys don't learn to identify your call as a threat. This simple design turns a piece of PVC piping and a used snuff can into a new call to introduce into your arsenal.

Items you will need

  • PVC pipe (diameter of the snuff can)

  • Snuff can

  • Knife

  • Scissors

  • Latex glove

  • Rubber band

Remove the snuff can lid.

Cut off half the flap of the snuff can lid so that the you are left with a half-circle space.

Cut out a square from the latex gloves that is 1 to 2 inches wider than the snuff can's diameter.

Place the latex square across one end of the PVC pipe across its diameterm so that it covers half the opening.

Place the lid of the snuff can on the same end of the PVC pipe with the latex square so that the closed half of the lid covers the remaining portion of the PVC opening.

Secure the lid by placing a rubber band around the circumference of the lid. The rubber band should be running around the portion of the lid that is hanging down over the PVC pipe.

Rest your lower lip on the snuff lid and blow into the latex square to use your call.

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