How to Make a Sled Go Faster

by Ryn Gargulinski
Added weight and spray lubricants can make a sled go faster.

Added weight and spray lubricants can make a sled go faster.

There's nothing like the thrill of sledding down a hill. The thrill can be enhanced even further if you make a sled go faster. Techniques used to speed up a sled can range from simple to elaborate. To be a real speed demon, you can try them all.

  1. Add more weight. This could mean piling more people on the sled or adding some bricks or other heavy objects so the sled picks up more speed.

  2. Make a path through the snow and sled down it several times. Fluffy, untouched snow slows down sleds.

  3. Freeze your path so it turns to ice. Once the snow is packed on your path, you can mist it with a water bottle or lightly sprinkle water on it. Wait until it freezes, and you'll have a fine, slick path of ice on which to sled.

  4. Tape a sheet of thick, slick plastic, similar to a drop cloth, to the bottom of the sled for added slickness. You can try painter plastic, which is a self-adhesive material.

  5. Apply a multipurpose lubricant, cooking spray or ski wax to the bottom of the sled.

Items you will need

  • Bricks or other weights
  • Water
  • Lubricant
  • Slick, adhesive plastic sheet


  • If your ice path, weights, plastic and/or lubricants are in place, you can position the sled at the top of the hill and get a running start before jumping onto it. You'll immediately pick up speed, since you started with momentum.


  • Make sure the end of your path is clear.

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