How to Make Shrimp Traps

How to Make Shrimp Traps

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Shrimp traps rely on one basic principle: put out some bait and funnel the shrimp in. Once inside, the shrimp cannot figure out how to leave. There are many ways you can make a trap using whatever materials you have around. If you are trapping shrimp that you don't own, however, you need to check with your state to ensure that your trap falls within the guidelines. There are regulations regarding trap size, placement and number of shrimp you can take.

Items you will need

  • Shrimp bait

  • Pipe

  • 2 funnels

  • Drill

  • Plastic ties

  • Plastic twine

  • Pole

Cut a length of pipe about 20 inches long. Use pipe about 12 inches in diameter. Take two funnels of at least the same diameter as the pipe and put one one each end, with the tip of the funnel on the inside. The funnel can be larger than the diameter, as long as most of the funnel fits in the pipe.

Drill two small holes about 1/2 inch from one end of the pipe, one on each side. Repeat on the other end of the pipe. Drill corresponding holes on each funnel so the funnel holes line up with the pipe holes when the funnel is inserted. Drill one extra hole and use the plastic twine to make a handle you can use to lift the trap out of the water.

Thread a plastic tie through each set of holes to secure the funnel to the pipe. Leave one funnel unattached, as you will need to remove it to insert the bait. When you are ready to submerge the trap, use the plastic twine or plastic ties to secure the funnel, as you will need to cut them when you remove the trap to get the shrimp out and change the bait.

Make a ball of shrimp bait out of fish pieces, cat food and mud and put it in the trap. You can also use meat fat or dog food. Put the bait in a container such as an old medicine tin with some holes poked in it. Place the funnel on the end of the trap and tie it down. Take the trap and a long stick or pole into shallow water where shrimp have been seen. Place the funnels in the direction of the water flow. Attach plastic twine to the trap handle. Submerge the trap in the water and attach the other end of the twine to the pole. Place the pole in the ground by the trap.

Leave the trap submerged for up to four hours. Use the twine attached to the pole to pull the trap out of the water. Cut the plastic ties on one end and remove the funnel to check for shrimp. If your tube or funnels are clear plastic, you can check without opening the trap. Dump the shrimp out of the trap into a bucket. If you want to catch more shrimp, check the bait, retie the funnel and re-submerge.

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