How to Make Rubber Fishing Lures

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Rubber fishing lures are actually made of soft plastic. A thick milky white colored liquid, Plastisol turns into a thick clear liquid when heated. When the heated Plastisol cools, it forms a durable non-toxic clear soft plastic. Before the Plastisol cools, you add color and or glitter. To form the Plastisol into a soft plastic fishing lure, you pour the liquid material into molds. The shape of the mold determines the shape of the soft plastic lure.

Coat the inside of both halves of a plastic mold with non-stick cooking spray.

Align the two mold halves. Slide one C-clip over each side of the aligned mold halves to keep them from coming apart.

Mix the Plastisol thoroughly with a wooden stir stick.

Heat the Plastisol. Pour the desired amount of Plastisol into a microwave safe measuring cup. Set the measuring cup in a microwave. Set the microwave to one minute, start the microwave and allow the Plastisol to heat. Stir the Plastisol and heat it for an additional 30 seconds. Insert the tip of a cooking thermometer into the Plastisol. If the temperature is below 325 degrees Fahrenheit, continue to heat the material.

Add coloring and glitter (if desired) to the heated Plastisol.

Coat the O-ring and plunger of a mold injector with non-stick cooking spray.

Set the cylinder of a mold injector on a worktable with the open end of the cylinder facing up. Fill the cylinder 3/4 full with the heated Plastisol.

Slide the end of the injector plunger containing the O-ring into the top of the mold injector. Flip the mold injector over and push down on the cylinder until Plastisol comes out the tip of the mold injector.

Slide the fill opening of the plastic mold over the small filling orifice of the mold injector.

Push down on the plastic mold until Plastisol fills the reservoir on top of the mold.

Set the filled plastic mold aside to cool.

Remove the C-clips from the mold, separate the two halves of the mold, pull the cooled bait from the mold. Cut the excess plastic from the soft lure (sprue) with a razor knife.


  • Add salt to heated Plastisol to add scent to the finished soft plastic lure.
  • Wear leather gloves when working with heated Plastisol to avoid potentially serious burns.


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