How to Make a Pellet Gun

The very first pellet guns were actually blowguns that date to around 125 A.D. Pellet guns have gone through many changes over the years and have been made to fire both metal and plastic ammunition. You can make your own pellet gun at home with a few tools and supplies.

Clean out a pump-action water gun with warm soap and water. This will help remove any type of dirt or build-up so that the air pressure will fire the pellets correctly.

Buy a hollow metal tube and inspect it to make sure there is no rust or other damage. Make sure this tube has a bigger diameter than the pellets you plan to fire.

Heat a hot glue gun and glue the tube to the barrel of the water gun, where the water comes out. Hold the tube in place for a good 15 seconds or longer so that the glue has time to bond. Allow a few hours for the glue to fully harden.

Drop a pellet down the open end of the tube so that it rests against the end of the barrel of the water gun.

Pump the water gun a few times. This allows air pressure to build up in the gun, which is what will fire your pellet. Aim the gun at your target and pull the trigger.


  • Never aim a pellet gun in a direction that could cause injury or damage.

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