How to Make a Paracord Bow Sling

by Robert Preston

Paracord weaving provides the owner of the final product with a multi-functional piece of equipment. When using the cord to weave a sling, not only are you left with a reliable sling, but if the situation arises where the owner is in a survival situation, the cord provides access to more than 10 feet of durable Paracord, which can be used for everything from stringing a shelter to tying a snare. To make the sling, first a diamond braid is tied, then a cobra braid is tied around the completed diamond.

The Diamond Braid

  1. Cut four pieces of paracord as long as the distance from one hand held out straight, as if holding a bow, to the other hand pulled back as if drawing the string.

  2. Hold the ends of the four pieces so that they are situated in the form of a square, with two rows with two cords in each row, then burn the ends of the cord with the fire so they melt together, then secure them with electrical tape.

  3. Lay the four cords down on a flat surface, and spread the four cords out so that the left cord from the top row is on the far left, then the left cord from the bottom row, then the right cord from the bottom row, and the top right cord is on the far right.

  4. Pass the left-most cord behind the two middle cords, then place it back down between the two middle cords, making it the new left middle cord and the former left middle cord now the far left cord, and pull until the wrapped section is tight near the top of the knot.

  5. Pass the right-most cord behind the two middle cords, then place it back down between the two middle cords, making it the new right middle cord and the former right middle cord now the far right cord, and pull until the wrapped section is tight near the top of the knot.

  6. Continue braiding, alternating with the left and right cords, until you reach the end of the cords, then wrap the end of the braid tightly in tape.

  7. Wrap tape tightly around the top of the knot, at the highest point where it is smooth. The first knots of the diamond will create a bulging section which you do not want in your final product.

  8. Fold the knot in half, and wrap a piece of tape around both ends of the knot, 4 inches from the fold.

The Cobra Braid

  1. Cut two long pieces of cord, one of which will be the horizontal color of your cobra braid, the other the vertical color along the sides, and a third shorter piece of cord as long as the diamond braid, which will create a spine down the center of the cobra braid.

  2. Melt one end of each of the two long pieces of cord and press them together so they form a single piece of cord, and position the cord behind the diamond knot with one color on each side of the diamond knot. The cords should go just beneath one of the pieces of tape so that it is between the two pieces of tape that were wrapped 4 inches from the fold.

  3. Create an S-shape with the cord you wish to be your horizontal color atop the diamond braid, with the top loop of the S on the side opposite the side of the second color of cord, and the bottom loop on the same side as the second color.

  4. Pass the second color of cord over and through the loop on the same side of the diamond as it, then behind the diamond and back through the second loop from the back, then pull on both cords to tighten. Always keep the same cord for making the S and the same cord for passing through the loops.

  5. Tie a second cobra knot.

  6. Grab the nylon strings from inside the short piece of cord and pull them out leaving you with a husk.

  7. Melt the end of the husk and press it against the underside of the cobra knot, then tie another knot to secure it in place.

  8. Alternate tying knots with the husk extending down the diamond knot, and under the cobra knot, and with the husk flipped up so the knot does not cover it. This will have the effect of alternating knots with the husk being over and under the cobra, creating an alternating spine color.

  9. Continue tying until you reach the second piece of tape, then cut of the husk and ends of the cord and singe them to secure them.

  10. Melt the ends of the diamond knot, and use the knife blade to give a slightly rounded edge to the diamond knot.

  11. Remove the pieces of tape to complete the Paracord sling.

Items you will need

  • Paracord
  • Knife
  • Lighter
  • Electrical tape