How to Make Your Own Kayak Stand

When carrying out preventive maintenance or repairs on your kayak, elevating it off the ground makes doing the work easier. A collapsible kayak stand gets your kayak off of the ground, and when not in use, the stand packs up out of the way until needed again. Many homemade kayak stands are built from PVC tubing. Although PVC tubing kayak stands work, they are wobbly. An easier-to-make and more stable stand can be made from two short 2-by-12s.

Cut a 2-by-12 board into two 3-foot pieces. When the stand is finished, the 3-foot pieces raise the kayak several feet off of the ground; depending on the height of your kayak's deck, usually, the deck ends up 3 feet off the ground.

Draw a centerline across the width of both boards.

Lay out your cut lines on the first 3-foot piece. On each side of the board, 2 inches from the edge, mark a point on the centerline. Mark two corresponding points on the end of one side of the board. Draw two lines, each running from the centerline to the board's end. These lines parallel the long edge of the board.

Saw along your cut lines. You'll end up with a T-shaped board.

Lay out a 1 1/2-by-7 1/2-inch rectangle centered on the second board. The long edge of the rectangle follows the board's centerline. The narrow side of the T fits into this rectangle once you cut it out.

Cut out the rectangle.

Assemble the kayak stand by sliding the narrow end of the T-shaped board into the rectangle. When assembled, the stand forms an X shape. Place your kayak into the top of the X.


  • For abrasion resistance, staple carpet to the cradle side of the stand.

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