How to Make Your Own Keychain Out of a Hot Wheels Car

Making your own keychains gives you the ability to design cute signature accessories for any occasion. If you like cute toys and fast cars, you can make a keychain out of Hot Wheels car toys. This isn't difficult, and a wide array of colors and models exist among Hot Wheels cars.

Plug in the hot glue gun and load a stick of glue into the appropriate chamber. Let it heat for five minutes.

Select a gem setting that is approximately 1 inch long and 1/4 inch wide. Purchase one with a looped end on the side opposite the hollow setting at a craft supply stores. Squeeze a line of hot glue into the hollow setting.

Slide the front end of the Hot Wheels car into the glue-lined setting. Push it into the setting firmly, fitting the setting over the front bumper of the car. Let it dry for five minutes.

Pry apart one end of the keychain ring you have selected. Slide the opened end through the looped back of the glued gem setting. Continue sliding the loop through the opened key ring until it slides to the middle of the ring.

Squeeze the keychain ring closed again, using pliers if necessary.

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