How to Make a Mini Pool Table

Playing pool is a lot of fun and a great social activity. However full size pool tables take up a lot of room and are quite expensive. Making your own mini pool table is much more cost effective as well as space effective, here's how to build one.

Lay a large piece of wood (4' x 2' x 2") on a flat surface. Take a cup and trace the outline on all four corners and directly in the center on the sides.

Cut out the circles with a jig saw. Create a bottom base and cut identical holes at the top for the balls to fall into. Screw this plank into the first.

Take four small wood pieces of identical size and screw them into the bottom of the planks. These are the legs of the table.

Sand the wood as needed to create a smooth texture. Round the corners if you would like. Finish the wood with a paint color if you choose or just a wood sealant.

Get a large piece of felt and place it over the top of the table. Cut a piece to fit the tabletop. Cover the table surface with fabric glue. Press the felt into the glue and smooth down. That's it! You just made a mini pool table.