How to Make Your Longboard Faster

How to Make Your Longboard Faster

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Longboards are elongated versions of the skateboard meant more for cruising around than doing any sort of tricks. The design of longboards facilitates this purpose by making them easier to maneuver than skateboards; the wheels that typically come with longboards are softer than skateboard wheels, so that you don't feel bumps and rocks quite as much. Wear and tear, however, can slow down your longboard and the chief culprit of a slow longboard is dirty bearings.

Items you will need

  • Skate tool

  • Bottle with wide mouth

  • Rubbing alcohol

  • Rag

  • Plastic container

  • Bearing lube

Step 1

Remove the nut of the axle with the skate tool. Loosen the wheel until it is almost off. Twist the wheel, using the axle to pop the bearing out of the wheel. Take off the wheel, flip it around and use the axle to take the bearing off the other side of the wheel in the same way. Do this for all the wheels.

Step 2

Drop the bearings into the bottle and pour enough of the rubbing alcohol into the bottle to cover all the bearings.

Step 3

Put the lid onto the bottle and shake the bearings for several minutes. This helps the alcohol penetrate the bearings and remove any dirt and grease that has built up inside. You should see the alcohol start to turn brown as a result of the dirt mixing with it.

Step 4

Pour out the alcohol after five minutes of shaking. Put the bearings on a rag and use the rag to dry off any excess alcohol. Put the bearings into the plastic container.

Step 5

Open the bearing lube and put one or two drops of it onto the bearing shield of each bearing. Wait a couple minutes for the lube to reach the interior of the bearings.

Step 6

Flip the bearings and repeat the bearing lube application on the other side. Wait a couple minutes for the bearing lube to soak into the interior of the bearings.

Step 7

Remove the bearings from the container and use a rag to soak up any bearing lube still on the exterior of the bearings.

Step 8

Push the bearings back into the wheels and put the wheels back on the axle once you replace all the bearings. Use the skate tool to put on the axle nut.