How to Make a Kite Fishing Rig

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While fishing from the beach or shore can be great fun, getting your bait and line to the fish can be difficult. Waves, wind and currents can send your fishing line back to your feet. A kite fishing rig will fly your line and bait past the breakers. You will be able to fish places never fished before using other methods. With a few steps, you can build a rig and literally be catching a dozen fish at once.

Make the leader line. The leader line attaches to the main kite line and the hook line. Cut three 50-foot sections of mono-filament line with a locking clip tied to each end. Set the three pieces aside.

Make the hook line. The hook line connects to the leader line. Cut a 200-foot section of mono-filament line.

Every 10 feet tie a C-hook with a 2-foot leader. The will be room for 18 hooks. Tie a 2-ounce weight to the end of the hook line end.

Put the drop line together. Clip the first 50-foot section to the main kite line 100 feet from the kite. Clip second 50-foot section to the first. Tie a 1-gallon plastic bottle in the middle of the second section. Clip the last 50 foot section to the second and tie two weights at the end. Clip the hook line to the weighted end of the third section.

Wind the lines on the reels. The geared reel will hold the line for the kite. Wind 1000 yards of mono-filament line on the geared reel. Connect the end of the line directly to the kite. Wind the drop line on the hand-spool. Start with the weighted end of the hook line. Take care to place the hooks on the outside of the hand-spool.


  • Use caution around swimmers, boats and aircraft.
  • Wear gloves and treat the hooks with respect.
  • Too many hooks on the line can break the line.


  • Keep your lines straight. A fishing rig is great until it gets tangled. Take care in winding your hook lines.
  • Have a helper. It is easier to handle your kite flying rig with an assisstant.
  • Learn to use your kite before adding the fishing rig.


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