How to Make Homemade Squirrel Traps

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Squirrels are quick, agile creatures and notoriously hard to trap. But there's a homemade squirrel trap that's one of the easier ones to make--and also the most effective. The critical part is to put out some corn or other material that's very attractive to a squirrel to lure it in. Once the squirrel ventures into the trap, it can't get out. Because there are no moving parts, very little can go wrong with this trap.

Items you will need

  • Stove pipe, 2-foot length, 6 inches wide

  • Heavy mesh screen

  • Duct tape

  • Drill with metal-piercing bit

  • Hammer and 2-inch nail

  • Corn

Place mesh screen over one end of a stove pipe and fold its edges down over the end of the pipe. It should form a complete cap with no gaps between the screen and the pipe.

Duct tape the mesh screen in place, wrapping the tape several times around the screen and pipe to make sure they're securely attached.

Drill a hole about 1 inch down from the open end of the pipe.

Drive a nail into a tree, a post, or the side of a house through the hole you just drilled. This mounts the trap in place, mesh side down.

Sprinkle corn in the mesh bottom of the trap. The squirrel will jump in to get the corn, and because the pipe is slippery and narrow it won't be able to get a grip on the edge to jump out.


  • Wear protective gear when removing the squirrel.


  • Call animal control to pick up the squirrel or take him back to the wilderness yourself.