How to Make Homemade Fish Bait for Bass

How to Make Homemade Fish Bait for Bass

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Freshwater bass will take a variety of bait--from live minnows to metal plugs. However, it can be time-consuming to regularly catch live bait, and expensive to purchase artificial lures. Make your own bass lures using a few household and fishing tackle items. Possibly the most straightforward lure to create is a spinner lure.

Items you will need

  • Lure wire

  • 3 metal beads

  • Colored bead (optional)

  • Spinner blade

  • Small spinner clevis

  • Treble hook

  • Pliers

Step 1

Buy some lure wire from a local fishing tackle shop. These are around $4 for a pack of 25 wire lengths. Choose wire approximately seven to 10 inches long. For all parts of the lure, use larger sizes for targeting largemouth bass and smaller sizes for smallmouth bass.

Step 2

Insert one end of the wire through the treble hook eye until 1.5-inches is pulled through to the other side. Pinch the wire together above the hook. Slide two metal beads down the length of the wire, to the top of the hook eye. Make sure the loose end of the wire slides up into the beads.

Step 3

Attach the spinner blade to a small clevis. Choose a blade with strong colors. Ask your local tackle shop for advice on colors that work well in regional waters. Slide the clevis with spinner blade down the wire to meet the beads. Follow this with another metal bead. A further brightly colored bead after that is an optional extra. It can help as an added fish attractor.

Step 4

Hold the wire just above the spinner blade with a pair of pliers. Bend the wire down and around 3/4 of the nose of the pliers. Wrap the remaining wire twice around the lure side of the wire as tightly as possible.

Step 5

Trim off the excess wire. Remove the pliers. This should leave a wire loop at the top of the spinner for line or trace tying.


  • Test your lure before using in the "wild." Attach the line and hook onto a tree branch or pole, then pull strongly to confirm strength.