How to Make a Ground Worm Shocker

How to Make a Ground Worm Shocker

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Earthworms, also known as nightcrawlers, have been used as fishing bait for years. Earthworms are the favorite bait of many anglers. While nightcrawls can be purchased commercially at the local bait shop, many fishermen prefer to collect their own worms and eliminate the extra cost of purchasing this bait. A common way commercial earthworm catchers use to collect the worms is to send an electric charge into the damp ground the worms live in. The electric charge forces the worms to the surface where they can easily be caught.

Items you will need

  • Heavy rubber gloves

  • 12-volt car battery

  • Jumper cables

  • 2 6-foot grounding rods

Wet down the soil you wish to charge.

Put on the rubber gloves.

Drive the grounding rods into the ground about 6 feet apart.

Attach the jumper cables to a loose car battery. The battery does not have to be connected to anything to create a current. Make sure that the red side is attached to the positive terminal on the car battery and the black side is clamped to the negative terminal.

Clamp the other ends of the jumper cables to the two grounding rods. An electric current will run through the ground between the two rods.

Wait for the earthworms to surface and collect them.

Disconnect the jumper cables from the car battery and the grounding rods. Keep the rubber gloves on until the cables are detached from the car battery.


  • Keep the rubber gloves on at all times, while using the ground shocker.
  • Also wear rubber boots or rubber soled shoes as an added precaution.
  • Keep kids or pets out of the area you are going to shock.
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