How to Make a Deer Feed Block

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People use deer feed blocks for a variety of reasons. Of course, the primary goal is to attract deer, but some people use the feed block to attract deer to an area regularly to observe them. Hunters also use deer feed blocks to help them increase their odds of encountering deer during deer season. Regardless of why you want to make a deer feed block, the process itself is extremely simple. However, once you have made the block, you will need to give it a little time before it starts attracting deer.

Items you will need

  • Flat pan 6-inches deep

  • 3 loaves of stale bread

  • Large jar of molasses

  • Large jar of honey

  • Wooden spoon

Crumble the stale bread into the pan. Fill only until the pan is full.

Mix in the honey and molasses. As with the bread crumbs, if you have filled your pan before you have emptied the jars, then stop and move on.

Stir the mixture together. It should create a sticky, bready mush.

Allow the mush to dry in the sun for the remainder of the day. This will help set the mush into a large block that can be pried out of the pan.

Cure your deer feed block in the oven at 200 degrees F. This is the "warming" setting on most ovens. Bake it for 2 hours or until the block is firm and hard. You can either leave it in the pan and set it out to attract deer, or make it more accessible by popping it out of the pan and placing the bare deer feed block out to attract the animals.


  • You can add other nutrients to this basic mix to encourage antler growth and other attractive aspects of deer.
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