How to Make a Beer Bottle Cap Lure

With the ever increasing prices of fishing lures, don't you ever wish you could make your own cheap and easy fishing lures. The answer is here, and it only takes a bottle cap, two wire rings, and just five minutes of your time. And when you're finished, you can sell them for $1 or more.

Cheap and easy Fishing lures

First, bend your bottle caps. Bend them so that you have at least between 1/8"-1/4" gap between the sides in the middle.

Using your drill and drill bit, drill two holes along the center line and the top and bottom ends. With your holes drilled, insert your wire rings like you would put a new key on your key rings.

Now simply on one of the ends loop either your treble or bait hook onto your wire ring. At the other end is where you will tie your line.

When all is finished you can paint your lure or just leave as is and go fishing.


  • For BEST results use Silver or Gold bottle caps (They look more like minnows or bait fish this way)
  • If fishing in weeds, use bait hooks on the lure; it will help decrease the snags due to the weeds.

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