How to Make Aluminum Fishing Boats Quiet

How to Make Aluminum Fishing Boats Quiet

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Aluminum fishing boats are loud. A teeth rattling bang will scare fish to the other side of the lake. These steps will help deaden the noise.

Items you will need

  • carpet

  • non expanding foam fill

  • styrofoam

Make sure all nuts, bolts, screws and rivets are tight. Any loose parts must be tightened. Fix all leaks in your aluminum fishing boat now. All structural work must be done at this point.

Use a non expanding foam to fill any spaces between the boats hull and floor braces. Fill all hollow areas. Do not use an expanding foam on aluminum jon boats as it can rip rivets free.

Measure and cut sheets of Styrofoam to the shape needed to cover your jon boats floor. Tack it to the floor with caulk. Leave a slot for the drain plug. The idea is to create a noise dampening layer. This step is often skipped but if you want superior results then do not skip this step.

Measure and cut carpet to cover the boat floors. Cut the carpet a little long so that it extends up the walls slightly. Outdoor carpet that can be washed with a hose is best.

Care for your boat. Aluminum fishing boats will last a long time with proper maintainence. When you are done fishing wash both the inside and outside. Wax the hull for maximum speed on the water. Flip the boat over or cover it to prevent water from collecting anywhere.


  • always wear a floatation devise
  • follow all safety rules


  • keep your gear organized
  • Styrofoam bait buckets keep your bait cold and are quiet
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