How to Make an Airsoft Field

An airsoft field is an ideal location for airsoft games. This strategic shooting game can be challenging but is fun to play. For a field to be equipped for the game, it needs to have plenty of locations to hide behind and in. The better the layout of the field, the better the game will be.

Choose the proper indoor and outdoor location. A large area is always better. Having the space you need to run and move is essential. While a field is generally outdoors, some airsoft fields also have indoor areas such as warehouses, old buildings and even shops, all of which you can duck inside of.

Layout your design on paper. Some things to include in the field include open areas, a wooded area with plenty of locations for fortified positions and fortified structures, and trenches. Include various structures and a number of designs to give you the best overall design.

Get necessary permits. Depending on where you are building, you may need to secure extra permits from government agencies. Stay within the rules so your airsoft field isn't shut down. You also need proper insurance.

Construct the buildings, and dig the trenches. The more items you add to the field the better, but don't overcrowd the area. You need to be able to run between and around items and keep distance between players.

Go over the top. Design an entire ghost town filled with old buildings. Use an empty factory building as part of the field design. Add a pro shop on the grounds to charge players for necessary items they need to play including guns and consumables.


  • Consider doubling the facility for paintball, especially if you are looking to make a profit.

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