How to Load a Glock

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Named after a Mr. Gaston Glock, the Glock is the first pistol with a polymer handgun receiver. This kind of pistol innovation allows for extreme durability, easy operation and light weight. The polymer frame of a Glock allows for more room in the pistol grip for the magazine, thus allowing more room for additional rounds. Glock pistols are loaded in a double-row, or staggered configuration.

Step 1

Press the magazine release button on the side of the pistol grip allowing the magazine to release from the gun. The magazine also known as the clip will slide out of the bottom of the pistol grip.

Step 2

Set aside the pistol. Inspect the clip for any imperfections in the casing that might cause a problem when inserting the magazine back into the pistol. If imperfections are found, take the clip to a local gunsmith to make sure it is suitable for use.

Step 3

Push each round or “bullet” gently into the magazine one at a time. The magazine will have a spring loaded receiver that will depress when force is applied.

Step 4

Stagger the direction of each round when inserting into the clip. For example, when holding the clip straight up, load each round at the opposite angle of the last round. This will allow for easier staggering of the rounds. The bullets will stagger themselves inside the magazine chamber.

Step 5

Insert the clip back into the pistol hand grip. Push the magazine completely into the handle until a “click” is heard. This will ensure the clip is firmly in place.

Step 6

Release the safety on the pistol. Grip the pistol frame with your firing hand. Make sure your finger is off of the trigger until ready to fire.

Step 7

Cock your pistol by pulling backward on the top of the pistol with your free hand until a “click” is heard, then release to the original position. This will load your first round into your gun from the magazine and ready it to be fired.


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