How to Load a .177-caliber Umarex Pellet Gun

How to Load a .177-caliber Umarex Pellet Gun

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Umarex USA is the American division of the German sport shooting company Umarex. It offers a variety of pellet pistols and rifles, with the most common caliber of pellets used being the .177 caliber. Though the company offers many models of pistols and rifles, most airguns that it offers load in the same way.


Cock the rifle. If you have a break-barrel-style rifle, place the butt of the rifle against your leg and hold with one hand around the stock. Hold the barrel with the other hand, and pull the barrel downward and back toward the stock until it comes to a stop. If you have a side-lever style cock, grasp the rifle with one hand and the cocking lever with the other hand. Pull the cocking lever away from the gun until it clicks and stops. If you have an under-lever cock, hold the rifle by the stock behind the trigger guard and grasp the cocking lever with your other hand. Pull downward on the lever until it clicks and stops. This will open the breech on your rifle.

Load the pellet into the breech. The breech is a small hole the same size as the pellet and is located at the back end of the barrel. The pellet should be inserted into the breech flat side first, with the hollow end, the "skirt," toward the rear of the gun.

Ensure that the pellet is pushed fully into the breech. The skirt should be even with the edge of the breech or pushed slightly into it.

If your under-lever or side-lever rifle has a cocking safety lever, depress it.

Push the lever back to its original position. If you have a break-barrel rifle, pull the barrel back until it clicks into place on the stock.


Refer to your owner's manual for instructions on opening your specific pistol. Most pistols have a latch or lever on the body of the gun that lets the barrel drop down or the top of the gun to slide open. Depress the latch to open the gun and expose the pellet clip.

Remove the pellet clip by lifting it out. Insert pellets into the holes of the pellet clip. Place the pellets into the clip, with the flat side facing the front toward the barrel and with the skirt facing the pistol grip.

Push the pellets far enough into the clip so that the skirt does not hang out.

Replace the pellet clip into the gun. Place the side of the pellet clip with small teeth into the gun facing toward the barrel.

Close the pistol in the reverse of the way it was opened, and make sure that it latches.


  • Never point a loaded pellet gun at another person.
  • Wear safety glasses when working with a pellet gun.


  • To ensure that you are loading your air gun the correct way, refer to the owner's manual for your model.
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