How to Light a Match Without a Striker

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Our modern society has come a long way from the old-fashioned method of using flint and steel to start a fire. No longer do we have to carefully hoard our coals lest the fire will go out. Today, we have matches, allowing us to have a fire anywhere, anytime we want it. But what do you do when you've got a pocketful of matches, but you've lost the box? Don't worry, you can still strike a match without the box.

Items you will need

  • Strike-anywhere matches

  • A rough surface

Step 1

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Swipe the match quickly across any rough surface such as a brick or a stone. Make sure that you hold the match securely so it doesn't snap.

Step 2

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Briskly scratch the head of the match with your fingernail if there is no rough surface available.

Step 3

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Light a match by holding its head in an existing flame source such as a candle or hot coals.


  • Strike-on-the-box matches will not work without the box.
  • The striker strip for this type of match contains a chemical needed to light the match.


  • Hold the stick of the match tightly between your thumb and middle finger.
  • Place your index finger firmly on the stick close to the head.
  • Strike firmly and smoothly away from your body.