What Kind of Arrows Are the Best for Recurve Bows?

by Justin Davis
Recurve bows need strong, well-made arrows to be effective.

Recurve bows need strong, well-made arrows to be effective.

Recurve bows are the only bow allowed for use in the Olympic Games, and are typically stronger than other types of bows. Recurve bows are identified by the tips of the bow curving away from the archer. These bows provide a much stronger and noisier arrow shot, but also put more strain on the arrows. Thus, there are several clear choices when choosing the best kind of arrows for recurve bows. Arrows for recurve bows need to be very strong, flexible and well-made to survive multiple shots.

Fiberglass Arrows

Arrows made out of fiberglass are a good choice for beginning archers, as they are cheap to buy and plentiful. However, they must be used with low-powered, beginner recurve bows, as they are suspect to splintering and breaking if fired with too much force. Still, for beginner archers with beginner recurve bows, fiberglass arrows are a good introductory piece of equipment.

Aluminum Arrows

Arrows made out of aluminum are a good choice for serious archers using recurve bows. Aluminum arrows are made consistently with high quality aluminum, resulting in a reliably flexible and strong arrow. When compared with wooden shaft arrows, aluminum is much stronger and uniform in design, and much less likely to explode in splinters when shot from a high-powered recurve bow. Unfortunately, aluminum arrows can be bent and dinged from other harder materials, requiring constant care and maintenance to keep a set good for shooting.

Carbon-Fiber Arrows

Carbon-fiber arrows were first developed in the early 1980's, and have made their way into many professional archers' equipment racks. Carbon-fiber arrows are made by cross-weaving strands of pure carbon-fiber spirals, resulting in a very strong and durable arrow. Unlike aluminum or fiberglass arrows, carbon-fiber arrows have the ability to retain their straight form, while still being highly flexible. Unfortunately, carbon-fiber arrows are also the most expensive arrow type, making them a choice for true hobbyists and professional marksmen.

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