How to Find a Kill Spot for Hog Hunting

by Richard Corrigan
Hog anatomy differs from that of other game animals.

Hog anatomy differs from that of other game animals.

Those who are accustomed to hunting deer and other large game may find locating the kill spot -- or kill zone -- on wild hogs challenging. Because of differing anatomy, the kill spot on a wild hog is farther forward than on many other animals, and a shot that would quickly kill a deer may simply wound a hog, or allow it to run away only to die later.

Hog Anatomy

  1. Hogs have compact bodies, with the vital organs farther forward than in many other animals. The lungs are located between the front shoulders, directly above where the legs meet the body. The heart sits toward the bottom-front of the lungs, and the spine passes directly above the lungs. The most effective way to kill a hog with a single shot is to aim squarely at the shoulder from the side.

Exceptions to the Rule

  1. Very large boars develop a protective layer of tough, cartilagelike material, sometimes referred to as a shield, over the chest cavity. The shield is intended to protect the animals from the tusks of rival males, but can also stop arrows and shotgun slugs. To find the kill spot on a trophy boar, you must wait until the animal has positioned itself in a quartered-away position, facing away from you at a 30- to 45-degree angle. Aim at the lower part of the front shoulder on the opposite side of the animal to hit the vital organs from behind.

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