How to Keep a Steam Room Clean

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The amount of humidity in a steam room causes havoc with the accumulation of mold and lime growth in grout, tile and shower doors and curtains. Cleaning a steam room should follow certain steps in order to enjoy the relaxing effect of a good, hot steam.

Items you will need

  • Cleaner

  • Six-inch nylon scrub brush

Start off right at the installation of your steam room. Proper ventilation keeps the mold growth down; inevitably with moisture and humidity, mold growth occurs in controlled environments. With proper ventilation, you prevent an abundance of mold. Prevention helps keep the cleaning away organic substance down to a minimum.

Clean the lime away by removing the water nozzles of the steam room and soaking them in lime solution or vinegar once a month. Lime solution acts faster, but vinegar is less toxic. Cleaning the nozzle helps maintain clean fixtures and full strength of steam at all times.

Pick a strong, yet soft, brush that uses an adequate amount of friction to scrub away the organic growth. Spread a germ-free standard cleaner on the surface, wait at least 10 minutes and scrub.

Rinse out all cleaning solutions and look for tough areas. Spot clean those areas to remove all accumulated scum. Then do one final, thorough rinse.


  • If you have hard water, clean more often because mineral deposits occur more regularly.
  • Avoid making permanent blemishes in your steam room by using non-abrasive cleaners and scrub brushes.


  • Each time you brush the mold away, remember a complete cleaning with a disinfecting treatment goes the distance of maintaining a clean, relaxing steam room.
  • A 6-inch iron handle scrub brush with coarse nylon bristles works best.