How to Keep Snakes & Bugs Away From Your Campsite

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A surefire way to have an unpleasant camping experience is to have uninvited guests such as bugs and snakes arrive at your campsite. Whether you are afraid of the creatures or if the bugs or snakes pose a real danger, keeping them at bay is a priority. There are many steps that you can take to keep bugs, snakes and other wildlife from coming to explore your campsite.

Step 1

Select a campsite location that will minimize your chances of encountering bugs and snakes. Many insects like to be near water and around trees and thick grassy areas. Locate your campsite away from the water and grassy areas as much as possible. To avoid snakes, don't place your campsite near fallen logs or other potential places that snakes can hide.

Step 2

Start a fire. The smoke released from the fire is enough to drive away most insects and other wildlife, including snakes, from your immediate area.

Step 3

Use repellants for both bugs and snakes. Use an insect repellant that contains the chemical DEET. If the bugs are mosquitoes, light citronella candles to drive them away. Snake repellants come in either liquid or granule form. Place these repellants around the perimeter of the campsite to keep the snakes from coming in.

Step 4

Place food in airtight containers to keep from attracting additional bugs or other unwanted wildlife into your campsite. Remove trash from the site immediately by placing it in an appropriate dump location or by burning it. Wash and clean any utensils, pans and plates immediately after using them.

Step 5

Keep your tent zipped shut, even if you are going out for only a moment. This will keep bugs and snakes out of the tent while you are outside.


  • Stopping all bugs and snakes may not be possible. Wear protective clothing such as long sleeves and high boots while outside to prevent being bitten.


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