How to Keep Fishing Worms Alive for Fishing

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Fresh and alive fishing worms will catch more fish

Items you will need

  • worms,bedding

I would suggest that you use red or night crawlers worms. They are also called fishing worms, earth worms.
You can start with some shredded newspaper, moistened,or any paper similar to newspaper. Use the black and white pages do not use any paper with color ink. Add a couple of handfuls of garden soil or fine dirt not clay its to hard and lumpy, not potting soil, and a couple of crushed egg shells. Keep the bedding wet but not soaked. The moisture helps them to breathe, but too much water will drown the worms,just practice with the dampness until you get it right. You can feed your worms fruit and vegetable scraps and starchy scraps, like bread, oatmeal, and pasta. Do not feed them too much acidic foods, like citric fruits, coffee ground and tea bags. They do best with a pH between 7 and 8. You can use egg shells to balance the effects of coffee grounds, orange and lemon peels. Make sure that the eggshells are cooked before giving them to the worms. Never feed your worms meat, poultry, dairy products, or salty food , like potato chips. These will create odors and bring in bugs and insects,fly's and such. Your fishing worms should eat about half their body weight each day. Take this into consideration when you are deciding how much food to add to the fishing worm box or container.

Worms require oxygen so keep the lid partially open to allow air to circulate.If you have a garage keep them over in one of the corners near the door for good ventilation do not put them in direct sunlight.Earthworms have the ability to replace or replicate lost segments. Do not over feed the worms. Overfeeding can lead to odor problems. As your worm population increases, you can add more food per day. Burying the food in the damp newspaper will keep mold from growing in the fishing worm farm. Remember not to get the fishing worm bedding too wet, add some dry bedding, leave the cover off for a few days, or carefully drain the water off. If it is too dry, add some cool water and leave the fishing worm farm loosely covered. The fishing worm long, slender body helps it move through moist bedding. The fishing worm eats and digests the food you put in the soil as it moves through it.

Fishing worm

You can go out at night when the grass is wet and pull some worms for your worm farm.Remember these fishing worm will last for awhile but you need to take them fishing before they get to old and start dieing.


  • Finally, don't beat up your live fishing worms by fishing them too fast.Let them bounce along the bottom slowly for best results when using live fishing worm .
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