Jon-e Hand Warmer Instructions

Jon-e Hand Warmer Instructions

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The Jon-e Hand Warmer comes in handy for those cold days when you want to go fishing or work in the barn or just take a leisurely walk and enjoy Mother Nature. The Jon-e Hand Warmer can help keep more than your hands warm. By moving it from pocket to pocket, you can add warmth anywhere you need it. Having that little extra bit of heat can take the bite out of winter recreation.

Items you will need

  • Jon-e Hand Warmer

  • Igniting fluid, such as Jon-e Hand Warmer Fluid, Coleman lamp fluid, naptha or lighter fluid

  • Towel

  • Matches or lighter

Refilling the Jon-e Hand Warmer

Step 1

Remove the lid and place it aside, open-side up.

Step 2

Remove the heating element. Touch only the exposed grip, never the interior fiber portion of the element.

Step 3

Place the element, fiber-side down, in the upturned lid for safe handling. This will allow you to easily grasp the correct portion of the element again when you are ready.

Step 4

Fill the Jon-e container carefully by tipping it slightly and pouring the fluid down the side. Be sure to put a few drops on the wick to prime it. Do not fill it beyond the line marked on the interior of the container.

Step 5

Shake out the unabsorbed fluid outdoors before returning the heating element to the container.

Step 6

Pick up the heating element by the exterior grip and replace it into the container. The element does not need to touch the fluid as the Jon-e Hand Warmer works on the fumes.

Step 7

Inspect the heating element to make sure the wick is close to, but not in direct contact with, the heating element.

Step 8

Wipe up any spills on the outside of the container or the surrounding area.

Using the Jon-e Hand Warmer

Step 1

Step 1

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Light the wick in an area protected from the wind, allowing it to burn for one minute before extinguishing the flame.

Step 2

Put the lid back on and immediately insert the warmer halfway into the cloth bag while it warms up. You don't want it to get too hot to handle before returning it to the protective covering.

Step 3

Pull the cover up and slide the drawstring closed after a few minutes and your Jon-e Hand Warmer is ready to go. You can keep it inside a pocket or a glove as long as there is enough air available, but you should keep shifting the heater from hand to hand so you don't burn yourself.

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