Instructions for the Voit Gravity Rider

Instructions for the Voit Gravity Rider

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The Voit Gravity Rider is a piece of cardiovascular workout equipment constructed out of metal and has a padded seat and hand attachments. The device requires you to utilize the muscles in your arms and legs to produce movement. By recruiting both your upper body and lower body, you get a great general workout that is low impact on our joints. Using a Voit Gravity Rider is easy, provided you set it up correctly.


Adjust the seat on the Voit Gravity Rider by turning the safety lock counter-clockwise and pulling it out and releasing the seat.

Move the seat to your desired positioning and then reinsert the safety lock and turn it clockwise until tight.

Unscrew the handlebars by turning the pin counter-clockwise until the pin releases the bars.

Adjust the handlebars so that you can reach out and grab them with both hands when you are sitting on the seat.

Reach down toward the adjuster point at the pivoting juncture in between the seat and handlebars.

Using the Machine

Sit on the seat so that your rear is flat on the seat with your foot on the foot pedals.

Reach forward and grab the handlebars with an overhand grip.

Lean forward slightly and push down evenly with both of your feet onto the foot pedals.

Pull on the handlebars utilizing the muscles in your back and arms to pull your body toward the handlebars. The simultaneous pushing of feet and pulling with the bars will elevate your body to a more upright position while your body gets near the handlebars.

Relax your muscles once your body is a few inches away from the handlebars. Allow your body to slowly return to the starting position.

Repeat the simultaneous push and pull with the relaxation. Start off slowly, and warm-up at this slow pace for 5 to 10 minutes. Increase your speed after this and continue with your desired pace until you have completed your workout. Finish with a 5 to 10-minute cool down prior to completion to ensure that blood is properly redistributed throughout the body.


  • If you have never used the Gravity Rider before, start with the resistance knob on the lowest setting until you get a feel for how the movement should go.
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