Instructions for an Ozark Trail Screen Tent WMT-1390S

Screen tents are ideal for outdoor enthusiasts who need a respite from the harsh elements. Screen tents provide ample sun protection and also a secure space for the campers' belongings. Tents such as the Ozark Trail WMT-1390S are easy to assemble and take just a couple of minutes to set up. Remember to practice setting up at home before bringing the tent out.

Choose a smooth and even-level campsite; then spread out the screen house tent.

Take out the poles and sort them by number. Connect all the poles by their numbering. All the same numbers connect together, except for the end of the leg poles. Four poles will be the base of the frame and they are labeled or numbered as "4."

Install the poles by interconnecting them to form the screen tent frame. Connect the ends of the three roof poles into the three-way hubs' middle connector. Insert the four side roof poles inside the ends of the three-way hubs. The four side roof poles form the side frame of the screen tent's roof.

Take the leg poles and insert into the hubs to raise the screen tent roof frame. Make sure that the ends of the leg poles with the side holes are pointing down.

Take the screen house tent and drape over the erect frame. Hook the tent's S-hooks into the holes located at the leg poles' bottom. Secure the screen house tent over the frame by wrapping the Velcro tape around the poles.

Stake down your screen house tent by driving the stakes down through the four D-rings located at its corners.

Install all four guy lines by tying the loose ends through the D-rings. Make a loop at the end with the slider and tighten the line by adjusting the slider. Guy lines are ropes used to secure tents to keep them from getting blown away. They are tied to fastener rings on the screen tent's outside walls.


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