Instructions for Using a Butt Out Deer Field-Dressing Tool

Instructions for Using a Butt Out Deer Field-Dressing Tool

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The Butt Out Field Dressing tool is used to close off the anal canal when processing a deer in the field. Leakage from the anus can spoil meat, so isolating and closing the intestines is a critical step in the process. The tool makes it possible to immediately access and tie off the anus.

Approaching the Animal

Always approach a downed animal with caution. Watch the animal from a distance to ensure there is no movement or signs of life. Keep your rifle loaded and poke the animal's eyeball with the barrel. If the animal does not react, it is dead.

Preparing for Field Dressing

Wear latex gloves to protect your hands against disease. Consider wearing long field dressing gloves in order to remain clean and protect your clothing and skin from contact with blood.

Using the Tool

Insert the pointed end of the tool into the animal's anus. Push it inward until the handle presses against the anus. Twist the tool one-half turn to gain a grasp on the intestine. You will feel it grab on the inner intestinal membrane. Slowly pull until a foot-long section of the intestine is exposed. Tightly tie off the intestine with cotton string. This prevents fluids from leaking. Cut the membrane to free the tool and continue with the field dressing process.

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