Instructions for the Dometic RV Refrigerator

Instructions for the Dometic RV Refrigerator

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Dometic refrigerators are found in many new and older model RVs. These cooling units work to keep your food and beverages chilled and free from spoilage. Dometic refrigerators get their power from the RV's battery system as well as through propane tanks, should the rig be so equipped. Using the Dometic fridge requires starting the unit and setting the temperature to your required settings. Keep the RV ventilated should you smell gas when using the Dometic.

Items you will need

  • 5/8-inch Crescent wrench

  • Lighter

Go to the Dometic and ensure it is at least one inch from the wall and floor. RVs have these units preinstalled, but for safety's sake, check the distance.

Tighten the gas hose connection at the back of the Dometic using the Crescent wrench. Turn to the right to tighten until the hose clamp is as tight as manageable.

Turn the power selector switch to your desired power source; electricity or gas settings are on the gauge. Set according to your needs and connections. Check that the three prong plug is in the RV wall socket if using the electric power option. If using the LP gas, ensure the tank is open and the gas is flowing. Go to the RV tank and turn the dial to the left to open the gas flow.

Press the red ignition button until you hear a click and see a spark at the pilot tube under the Dometic if using the LP gas.

Open the Dometic door and find the temperature setting gauge. Turn the setting according to your needs and close the door. Let the unit cool off before filling with food and beverages. Use the electric power option when traveling. The unit will draw power from the DC battery bank which is charged off the engine. Use the LP gas if not connected to an outside electric source.

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