Instructions for How to Dissasemble the Luger P08

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The Luger P08 is the iconic sidearm used by the German armed forces during World War I and World War II after it was adopted in 1908. In 1902, Luger also created the 9 mm parabellum round still used today in popular 9 mm handguns, according to SurplusRifle.com. As with all handguns, periodic maintenance and cleaning is required to keep the firearm operating in good condition. This process requires field stripping or disassembling the weapon to its basic parts for cleaning.

Remove the magazine and visually inspect the chamber to ensure that the weapon is completely unloaded.

Place the muzzle against a hard flat surface and push until the barrel and receiver move 1/4 inch. This releases the spring tension. Rotate the locking bolt located in front of the trigger down to the vertical position.

Lift and pull out the trigger plate assembly located on top of the receiver.

Pull on the muzzle and slide it off the weapon frame to remove the barrel, receiver and breech assembly.

Grab the rear toggle knobs on the receiver and lift up. The rear toggle knobs are the two identical round knobs on top of the receiver.

Push in the rear axle pin on the receiver's rear from right to left. Pull the axle pin out from the left.

Turn the receiver upside down then insert a flathead screwdriver into the firing pin breech-lock. This is located on the receiver's rear. Push down 1/16 inch, then make a 1/4 counterclockwise turn. Slowly release the pressure to withdraw the firing pin and recoil spring.

Hold your thumb over the top of the breech lock, then lift off the extractor and spring.


  • Never attempt maintenance on a loaded weapon.
  • Never point the Luger P08 at anything that you do not intend to shoot or kill.


  • Thoroughly clean the weapon of any gun powder residue to prevent fouling.
  • Take note as to where each part belongs while you disassemble the weapon.


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