Instructions for Connecting Towables

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Water towables come in several styles including inner tubes and long rockets to accommodate several riders at one time. Modern towables include a strap on the front with a quick connector to attach the towrope. Towable harnesses are also available that connect to the towable in the same manner and have two ropes that attach to the back of the boat to keep the floats centered. Tow harnesses also have a float on them that keeps the towline above the water top so it does not interfere with the boat propeller.

Items you will need

  • Towable quick connectors

  • Towable harness

  • Towline

Quick Connectors

Step 1

Hold the towrope end with the loop in one hand. Pinch the center of the loop with the other hand and pull the center backward underneath the knot at the loop base. This action forms two loops on either side of the knot. Hold the two loops in this position.

Step 2

Grasp the towable strap with a quick connector and place each of the two ears into a loop.

Step 3

Pull the towrope tightly near the knot so it grasps the quick connector.

Towable Harness

Step 1

Feed the loop end of a towrope through the slot in the quick connector on the harness. Pull the loose end of the rope through the loop end of the rope and pull it firmly to attach the connector.

Step 2

Attach the towable to the quick connector by folding the loop end of the rope underneath itself and placing the top loops formed over the connector. Pull the rope to attach the connector firmly.

Step 3

Squeeze the left snap connector on the harness to open it and clip it on the left hook on the back of the boat. Release the clip so it catches in the hook.

Step 4

Squeeze the right snap connector and clip it onto the right hook on the back of the boat.