Instructions for Baking CCM Skates

Instructions for Baking CCM Skates

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CCM skates are a brand of ice-hockey boots worn by professional athletes and recreational skaters alike. Some skaters will find that the skates just don't quite fit their feet correctly. Thankfully, if you find this to be the place, you can heat mold your skates to fit your feet like a glove. All you need is your average kitchen oven. Baking your skates will also help break in their material faster.

Step 1

Loosen up the shoelaces on your CCM skates.

Step 2

Preheat your oven to 180 degrees Fahrenheit. Once the oven is finished heating up, turn the oven off. Place your boots inside on the middle rack on a standard baking sheet.

Step 3

Set a timer for eight to 10 minutes, and make sure to remove the boots from the oven as soon as the timer goes off. Check the skates periodically while they're in the oven to ensure that they are not overheating.

Step 4

Let the skates cool off for about 10 to 15 minutes. You don't want to burn your feet.

Step 5

Settle your feet into the boots and lace them up; be careful, as the eyelets can remain very hot even after the boots themselves are cool. Press the boots against your feet in places where you feel gapping. Do not walk in the skates.

Step 6

Leave the boots on for 15 minutes before removing them.

Step 7

Wait 24 hours before wearing your skates out on the ice.


  • Be advised that keeping your boots in the oven too long -- or setting the oven to too high a temperature -- can seriously damage your boots.
  • Repeating this process too many times can result in the premature breakdown of your CCM boots.
  • Don't attempt to put your skates in the oven while it is on.


  • You can do this process several times if you find the fit still isn't quite working for you.
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