How to Install a Whisker Biscuit

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If you're tired of arrows falling off your bow's rest, it's time to install a whisker biscuit. A whisker biscuit is an enclosed arrow rest that holds the arrow in place. You can easily install a whisker biscuit on your bow in a few minutes using an Allen wrench (or hex key).

Items you will need

  • Allen wrench (hex key)

Remove the old arrow rest, if the bow has one.

Hold the whisker biscuit's bracket against the side of the bow above the shelf. If you are right-handed, the bracket will go on the right side of the bow. If you are left-handed, it will go on the left side.

Align the bracket's opening with the mounting hole found above the bow's shelf.

Slide the bolt through the bracket and into the bow's mounting hole.

Screw the bolt snugly into the bow's threaded hole with an Allen wrench.

Nock an arrow and make sure it rests level. If not, adjust the whisker biscuit with the elevation-adjustment screw.


  • Never dry-fire a bow (shoot it without an arrow).


  • Purchase either a left- or right-handed whisker biscuit. If the whisker biscuit has a side-entry for arrows, it should be mounted so that the slot is accessible.
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