How to Install Spring Bobbers on a Fishing Pole

How to Install Spring Bobbers on a Fishing Pole

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Spring bobbers are one of the more ubiquitous and indispensable pieces of gear in the tackle box. A spring bobber is a simple device that goes on the pole's line. A bobber is particularly useful when fishing for soft-mouth species that have subtle strikes such as bullhead, catfish and walleye. When a fish strikes the hook, the bobber goes under the surface as the fish takes the line, indicating it is time to fight and retrieve. This simple, yet effective, piece of gear goes onto the pole's line quickly and easily.

Step 1

Hold the hook on the pole's line in one hand and the spring bobber in the other. Pull the line tight.

Step 2

Push the top button on the bobber to raise the spring loop. This is a small metal loop that closes back into the bobber when the button is released.

Step 3

Make a single loop in the fishing line, approximately 12 inches above the hook. Loop the metal coil through the loop and release the button.

Step 4

Grip the bobber and slide it up or down. Set the distance between the bobber and the hook to the distance you want the hook to drop below the bobber, into the water. Use a depth gauge if you have one to find the distance between the surface and the bottom, or the fish.


  • There are various sizes of bobbers. Choose a bobber for the average size of fish you are trying to catch. For example, if you are fishing for small perch or sunfish, use smaller bobbers. If you are fishing for large walleye or bullhead, use a larger bobber.
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