How to Install a RockShox PopLoc

How to Install a RockShox PopLoc

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RockShox are front-end mountain bike forks. They have two cylinders and chambers that straddle the wheel. Each leg of the fork has a cylinder that slides up and down inside a cylindrical chamber. As the wheel of the bike rolls over an object, the cylinder compresses down into the chamber, and once the wheel clears the object, air pressure forces the cylinder back up and into position. A PopLoc gives riders the advantage of increasing or decreasing the distance the cylinder travels up and down with the flip of a thumb lever. They are not difficult to install and increase the versatility of the shock.

Items you will need

  • Allen wrench set

  • Utility knife

  • Flathead screwdriver

  • Spray lubricant

  • Tin snips

Remove the left handlebar grip. Cut down the lengthwise center line of the grip with a utility knife. Peel the grip off of the handlebar. If you do not want to cut the grip off and replace it with another, slide a flathead screwdriver between the grip and the handlebar. Spray lubricant in the space between the two. Twist the grip and slide it off of the end of the bar.

Remove the brake lever assembly from the left handlebar. To do so, unthread the Allen screw that tightens the assembly clamp around the handlebar and slide the lever and assembly combination off the end. Do the same with the gear shifter assembly.

Slide the PopLoc over the end of the handlebar. Replace the gear shifter, brake lever and grip. Rotate each assembly into the desired position and tighten the clamps of each with an Allen wrench. Tighten the PopLoc assembly with 25 pound-inch of pressure.

Rotate the compression dial on the top of the right arm of the RockShox fork counterclockwise until it reaches capacity. Depress the button on the PopLoc assembly. Slide one end of the PopLoc cable housing into the hole located on the right-side wall of the assembly. Slide the other end over the nipple, near the compression dial on the fork.

Feed the cable through the assembly -- there is a hole in the assembly on the opposite side from the hole for the housing -- down the housing and out near the PopLoc dial. Wrap the cable around the compression dial one-half turn. Screw the dial down by rotating it clockwise. Clip the cable within 1/2 inch of the dial. Release the PopLoc assembly button.

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