How to Install an Outboard Motor

Installing an outboard motor can be as simple as screwing down a few brackets or as involved as refitting the stern of a boat. Outboard motors provide invigorating power to boating. The average outboard motor installation process should not take more than a few hours.

Start the outboard installation procedure by getting the right size outboard for your boat. Outboard motors should never exceed the manufacturer's recommendation limits of the specific boat.

Examine the transom to be sure the outboard's propeller shaft won't drag the bottom in shallow water. The brackets may have to be adjusted if the outboard has a long shaft.

Read through the manufacturer's installation information. This should be kept with the boat information. The manufacturer will clearly state exactly how to install the outboard.

Slip the outboard into the clamp bolts. These attach the outboard to the boat.

Tighten the clamps by hand. The bolts should be flexible enough to allow the outboard to be pivoted out of the way as it is locked onto a trailer or lowered into the water.

Tie off the outboard with a strong cable and lock to prevent theft.

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