How to Install the Mauser Buehler Safety

How to Install the Mauser Buehler Safety

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The 1898 Mauser bolt-action military rifle has long been a popular choice among home riflesmiths who enjoy building their own sporting rifle from an old military-surplus clunker. One challenge the builder must face is fitting a new safety that will not interfere with a mounted scope. For years the most common choice was the Buehler safety, which mounts on the right side of the bolt and swings through a 70-degree arc to provide the necessary scope clearance. Buehler is no longer in business, but Timney produces an exact copy of the Buehler safety.

Items you will need

  • Mauser rifle disassembly manual

Unload the rifle. Grasp and swing out the bolt release at the left rear of the receiver. Retract the bolt from the rifle.

Disassemble the bolt according to the manual. Set the original safety aside. Reassemble the bolt.

Remove the screw from the new Buehler safety with the provided Allen wrench. Separate the safety into its four parts: spring, shaft, lever and screw.

Insert the spring into the shaft and slide the shaft into the hole in the back of the bolt where the original safety was. Slide the Buehler safety lever onto the shaft and secure it with the screw. Tighten the screw.

Put the bolt back into the rifle.


  • Always unload the rifle before attempting to work on it.
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