How to Install Crossbow Strings

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The crossbow is an ancient weapon that has found renewed popularity in today's hunting fields. As with any bow, the crossbow owner must replace the string regularly in order to maintain the performance and safety of the bow. How often this is necessary varies with frequency of use. Barnett, a large crossbow manufacturer, recommends string replacement after as little as 100 shots to as many as several hundred shots, or whenever significant wear on the string is noted. The crossbow owner who shoots his bow regularly will most likely need to replace the string annually. Even if the local bow shop takes care of this chore, a smart bow hunter will have spare strings and know how to install them.

Place the stringer cable on the limbs of the bow, in the same way as if it were a bowstring. The stringer cable is longer than the string, which gives it enough slack to allow easy installation.

Cock the bow, using the stringer in the same way as you would use the standard string. Then activate the safety. Again, this will be easier than with the string, because of the added slack in the stringer.

Push one end of the bowstring through the loop at one end of the stringer, and slip the string over the end of the limb and into its seating notches. Repeat with the other end of the string and the other limb of the bow.

Place your foot in the stirrup and pull back on the string with one hand until the stringer cable becomes slack. Then release the safety and pull and hold the trigger with your other hand while slowly releasing the pressure on the string.

Slip the ends of the stringer off the bow.


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