How to Install Boat Trailer Lights

When transporting your boat on the land, use trailer lights so that other motorists can see that you are hauling a boat. If other motorists aren't made aware of the trailer, you might cause a serious accident. Here's how you can install your own boat trailer lights.

Familiarize yourself with the wires on the connector. On a standard connector, the brown wire goes to the tail or parking lights. The green wire goes to the right turn signal and right stop light. The yellow wire goes to the left turn signal and left stop light and the white wire goes to the common or chassis ground.

Access the tail light wiring in your vehicle. It is usually accessible from the trunk or near the rear bumper.

Find a place to connect the quick connect harness. Make sure that the harness is long enough. It must reach the connector on the trailer.

Hook up the parking lights. To do this, connect the test light's clip end to a clean metal chassis ground. Turn on the headlight switch. Probe the wires with the test light until it comes on and stays on. Connect this wire and the brown wire with a quick connector.

Turn on you ignition and switch on your right turn signal. Use the test light and connect the green wire to the wire that lights up the test light. Do the same thing for the left turn signal and the yellow wire.

Attach the white wire to a good metal chassis ground with sheet metal screw. You can also attach it to a ground wire.

Turn on your car and check all of the lights to make sure that they are working properly.


  • Always use caution when you're working with electrical equipment.


  • Check the trailer lights each time you hook the trailer to your car to make sure that everything is working well.

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