How to Insert No-Knot Eyelets in a Fly Rod Leader

How to Insert No-Knot Eyelets in a Fly Rod Leader

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A fly-fishing line contains two separate parts: the fly line and the leader. The fly line is the heavy, floating line, and the leader is typically regular fishing line. You must connect these two lines together. Using knots to connect fly lines to leaders may result in a bulky knot that can scare fish away when hitting the water or get tangled in the rod when trying to bring in a fish. No-knot eyelets remove the need to make a connection knot.

Items you will need

  • Screwdriver

Firmly grasp the end of the fly line. No-knot eyelets work best with hollow core fly lines because the eyelets are easier to insert.

Press the pointed barb of the eyelet into the center of the fly line as far as it will go. Keep the eyelet straight as you are inserting it. Inserting it off-centered may allow the pin to come out of the side of the fly line. If this happens, cut off this portion of line and start again.

Use a small hard object, such the head of a screwdriver, to push the eyelet into place. Press the entire eyelet into the line so that only the eyelet protrudes from the fly line.

Attach the leader to the eyelet using a simple knot.

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