The Best Infrared Sauna for Detox

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Comparing traditional saunas and infrared saunas, you can find better steaming benefits in your sinuses and chest in a traditional sauna. while infrared saunas tend to be more effective at improving immunity by increasing the white blood cell count in a person's body. Among infrared saunas, however, there are subtle distinctions for detoxification based on what class of infrared is employed and what use you make of the infrared sauna.

All Infrared Benefits

Any infrared sauna that functions as a dry sauna, heating up the body in under 110 to 150 degree steam-free conditions, will produce some detoxification benefits. When you perspire in an infrared sauna, your body's core is being heated and not just the surrounding air; your blood circulation increases and your pores open. This aids the blood in "pushing out" toxins through the pores as you sweat. Wipe off the sweat frequently during a sauna to maximize the release of toxins through the skin.

Spas that provide traditional sauna services offer lotions and creams to add the skin purification, detoxification and cellulite reducing functions of a dry sauna. Simply drinking two to three glasses of water before and after your infrared sauna will aid in cleansing your system of toxins produced by sweating as your body "flushes" with clear water.

Many reports come anecdotally from sauna users across the world about other medical benefits of infrared saunas. A common theme emerges that regular infrared saunas can improve the long-term health of people with fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue syndrome, relieve arthritis pain and reduce inflammations.

Infrared Emitters

Many companies now make electrical, dry saunas for sale but the real difference seems to lie in how much infrared energy is emitted by the heating units. The most effective infrared emitters give off 94 to 96 percent infrared energy. These are the concave, solid ceramic flat plate emitters in saunas manufactured by Therasauna (U.S.) and Saunagen (China). One sauna sales company, Promolife, offers a comparison between carbon flat sheet heaters, metal or ceramic-coated metal rod heaters, ceramic plate models and sand-filled ceramic tub emitters on their website. Lesser models utilize plastic covered carbon flat sheets, which emit about 10 to 15 percent infrared energy. Most companies are using ceramic coated metal or Incoloy, a steel alloy that is a middle-grade emitter, producing 40 to 60 percent infrared energy.

For the best results in using infrared saunas and "far-infrared" technology, a sauna heater that emits more than 75 percent infrared energy is your best bet. At the least, using the mid-grade saunas will increase your benefits, but try to stay away from the lower grade models. They may heat you up for a nice relaxation session, but their detox effects are much lower due to the reduced infrared output. The more true infrared energy, the more effective the body-heating becomes at a deep tissue level to stimulate your natural detoxification. The deeper the infrared energy penetrates your body's organs and system, the more effective its health benefits will be.

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