How to Inflate Nightcrawlers

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When fishing with nightcrawlers, inflating them will help float the nightcrawler off the bottom of the body of water, giving the bait a more natural appearance. By floating the nightcrawler off the bottom, the bait will attract more fish. In a recent interview with James Dunely, owner of Riverside Bait and Tackle in Rivesville, West Virginia, Mr. Dunely advises the most effective option for inflating a nightcrawler is to use a worm blower. The worm blower will allow you to inflate the nightcrawler without damaging or killing the bait.

Items you will need

  • Worm Blower

Step 1

Go to most any bait and tackle shop or retail store that sells sporting goods and purchase a worm blower. A worm blower looks like a small bottle of glue with a removable cap that reveals a needle.

Step 2

Hook the nightcrawler with your hook, through the head or collar of the nightcrawler. This will allow the rest of the worm to dangle freely.

Step 3

Remove the cap of the worm blower and inject the needle into the tail of the nightcrawler and squeeze once or twice to pump air into the nightcrawler. You will see the nightcrawler inflate. Remove the needle after inflating, by pulling it out of the nightcrawler.


  • James Dunely, Owner;Riverside Bait and Tackle; Rivesville, West Virginia

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