How to Import Guns & Gun Parts

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Some goods are not importable by people without certain approval or licenses. If you are planning to import firearms into the United States, depending on the type, you may require the assistance of someone who has a license to import them.

Step 1

Research the type of guns you want to import. To legally import firearms into the U.S., certain formalities and requirements must be met.

Step 2

Check the type of gun you want to import against the regulations of the Bureau of Alcohol Tobacco and Firearms license restrictions. Certain types of guns are not importable without or with a license, and there are some sporting guns that are importable by non-military non-licensed individuals that have non-sporting attributes.

Step 3

Fill out the application for a Federal Firearms License (FFL) if you plan to import guns of the regulated type in the future or if you are planning to import frequently.

Step 4

File an application to import firearms on your own behalf without a license. This process is generally only applicable to sporting firearms and ammunition. Complete the necessary paperwork to import the guns.

Step 5

After you purchase a gun internationally, complete the necessary paperwork for importation into the U.S. using the forms found on the ATF website.

Step 6

Locate an FFL holder through the listing available at the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearm’s website. If you are planning to import restricted types of firearms or a significant amount of them, you will likely need the assistance of an FFL holder. This listing breaks down by state the resources available that can legally import guns that fall under these regulations.

Step 7

Access the ATF website and download the required forms for license application. You will likely need one of these forms: ATF F 5330.3A, the general application for license holders; ATF F 5330.3B (Form 6, Part II) the form specifically used for U.S. Armed Services members; and the ATF E Form 6A Release form. ATF Form 4590 is specifically used for Handgun importation.

Step 8

Ensure that you have accurately identified the firearms to be imported, including required serial numbers and descriptions. Submit your completed forms along with other documentation to obtain your own license and follow up after receiving your license by applying to import the firearms. If you are using the service of an FFL holder, submit this paperwork accordingly.


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