How to ID Mercury Outboard Engines

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Identifying a Mercury outboard is simple, especially for motors manufactured after March of 2001. If your motor was built after this date, the identification will be much easier since only a single change has been made to Mercury's method of writing model codes. This change consists of adding a date easily readable by the consumer, rather than relying only on the logo on the engine cover.

Find the plate on your motor's transom bracket. When standing at the motor's rear with the propeller facing you, look on the right side of the motor's transom bracket. The plate will have "Mercury Marine" printed at the top of it.

Read the plate for a model code. For motors manufactured before September 2006, the second-to-last letter in the code is to identify the year. A plate with the code "1225V13DD" is identified as a Mercury 225XL Verado, and the letter "D" in the next-to-last position represents the year 2005, which is the fourth year after the March 2001 return to production.

Read the plate for a date above the motor's serial number. If a date is stamped here, then the second-to-last figure in the code now identifies the motor's production era. Mercury engines no longer have a model year, and the code will not be updated on a one-year cycle. Model codes will be updated by Mercury only when significant changes are made.


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