How to Get into a Hydro Flame RV Furnance

The Hydro Flame RV furnace will operate flawlessly if given periodic routine maintenance. Tto properly maintain a Hydro Flame RV furnace, you sometimes need to open up the furnace compartment. Access to the sail switch, blower motor and circuit panel are inside the furnace compartment. The Hydro Flame RV furnace is located close to the center of the RV. The furnace cabinet may be inside or outside of the RV, depending on the model.

Turn off the LP gas supply. Disconnect the RV battery. Check the control panel and turn the heater/furnace switch to "Off." The location of the control panel varies with the year and model of RV.

Find the furnace access panel. Look on the outside of the RV first; then check indoors. The furnace must be vented to the outside of the vehicle, so if you have a problem finding the furnace, trace the vent or LP gas line back to the unit.

Open the furnace cabinet where the Hydro Flame furnace is located. Find the access panel on the side of the furnace. Depending on the model of Hydro Flame furnace, the panel will be held on with screws or hex bolts. Remove the screws using the appropriate screwdriver or wrench.

Remove the access panel by pulling it off once the screws are removed. Once the access panel is removed, the interior of the furnace will be exposed.


  • To avoid explosion, make sure that the LP gas supply to the furnace is disconnected or turned off before servicing the furnace.


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