How to Troubleshoot a Daisy Air Rifle

Daisy Spring-Air BB Rifles shoot 4.5mm BBs distances up to 200 yards. To fire you must first cock the rifle with the lever and feed the BB into firing position by raising the rifle's muzzle. If the rifle does not fire when you squeeze the trigger, the rifle is jammed. You can troubleshoot your Daisy Air Rifle using the following procedure.

    Check for improper feeding. Improper feeding occurs if you turn the rifle on its side while you are raising the muzzle to feed a BB into the firing position.

    Check for damaged shot. If you reuse shot that has been flattened, scraped or otherwise damaged by striking a hard surface, the shot may jam the rifle.

    Check for correct ammunition. The rifle may jam if you load it with ammunition that is not designed for use with BB guns.

    Check for dirty shot. Dust or other particles that cling to dirty shot can cause the shot to jam the rifle.

    Use the proper technique to clear the jam. Clearing a jam requires cocking and firing the gun three or four times. If you turn the rifle on its side while you are attempting to clear the jam, the BB will feed improperly.


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